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alora0160603Born in Istanbul, 1971. She studied Business Administration at the University of Istanbul and graduated in 1993.

Starting 1999, she had 11 personal exhibitions, participated in over 100 group shows, in several workshops and art symposia, won prizes and her works were included in numerous public and private collections in Turkey and in other countries like, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Germany, England, Italy, USA, India, China, Vietnam, Iran, Belgium, UAE and Morocco.

Since 2001 she is organizing international art symposia and exhibitions in several towns of Turkey. She is member of the board “Turkish Union of Fine Arts” since 2003. She is working in her private studio in Ataköy, Istanbul.

Artist’s Statement

I am convinced that “Art asks questions”. Paintings are formed in response to questions emerging from the inner world, which are directed outward. While painting, such questions aimed primarily at self provide accompaniment to the “search” for form and sense.

In materializing this “search” I believe one must remain independent, original and usually “solitary” at the point of creation. However realization relies upon strength. A strength which can be aided by “collective initiatives”, in forming the environment to realize creation and in shared production.

To this end I organize a wide range of national/international “art camps” and group exhibits. I also take part in similar events, symposia and group-shows organized in different countries. I believe such collective bases are illuminating for the individual artist, beyond simply the effect of the “event” as the sum of works presented.

My works for this collaborative project are based on my series called “Remains Of Yesterday”* and trying to respond Tommy’s icons, which frequently reference the Celtic style.

* In my series “Remains of Yesterday”, I am taking a walk down memory lane. Expressing faces from the past by scraping them in the mortar and putting them together next to each other... These faces seem to be just odds and ends, some unclear reflections, blurred in the shade of time... Each of them is a stranger and each of them is a little bit of me...”

Özlem Kalkan Erenus
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