Stand My Ground, Stand Your Ground

Here, There and Everywhere…

The world peace cannot be achieved unless inter-cultural peace is ensured.

Özlem and Tommy, Elsa and Pingala, Mohammed and Christian, Suren and Hiroiki, Nguyen and Alison, Alfonso and Dimitris, Carmen and Pirjo, Igor and Janusz, Barongo and Ilona settled on collective creation…

TransCultural Exchange’s Conference on International Opportunities in the Art, with 99 representatives from around the world, will turn Boston into the hub of the global arts community during April 3-5, 2009. Collective art projects to be presented at the conference start up one by one.

Turkish painter Özlem Kalkan Erenus and Northern Ireland based painter Tommy Barr are taking part at this world-wide event entitled “Here, There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Art of the Future” with two exhibitions. Their project is called: “Stand My Ground, Stand Your Ground”

Working on a joint piece based on a grid format, they both provided original paintings and also paintings responding the works of the other. Then works have been exchanged providing each artist with a collaborative piece (half of the total work) to be exhibited one half in Turkey, at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Taksim Art Gallery and the other half at the Tower Museum in Derry, Northern Ireland.

For the final connection of the project at TransCultural Exchange’s Conference, Sefa Ulukan’s photography is being introduced. The original art and images from the exhibition sites will be used to create further blended images, in order to symbolically make “here, there and everywhere” a single place, for a single instant.

Supported by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the “Istanbul-half” of the collaborative piece will be on display at the Windows of Taksim Art Gallery from September 25 until October 10, 2008.

Cumhuriyet Cad. Gezi Dükkanları No: 24 Taksim – Istanbul   Tel : 0212 245 20 68

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